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Mayo Clinic Diet Companion Subscription

Mayo Clinic Diet's companion to weight-loss medication

What's included:

New! We're invested in your success. Follow Mayo Clinic Diet for 12 weeks and receive a Success Reward of up to $75 on select subscriptions*

Membership includes:

  • A best-selling diet, medically backed and trusted worldwide
  • A support program and digital platform tailored to the unique needs of members taking weight-loss medication
  • Exclusive group coaching sessions with Mayo Clinic experts to help manage your journey on weight-loss medication
  • Choice of 7 popular meal plans including the new Protein Balance menu designed for weight-loss medication
  • Exclusive ebook: The Mayo Clinic Diet: Weight-Loss Medications Edition
  • Tools to track progress and log meals, exercise, measurements and weight
  • Clinical care not included

*Conditions apply. See the Success Reward criteria. The Success Reward is not available in conjunction with promotional discounts.