Be inspired by the 1000s of Americans achieving healthy weight loss with the Mayo Clinic Diet.

Donna Boerger

Lost 100lbs*

From the time Donna Boerger was a teenager to her mid-twenties, she was healthy and active. After the birth of her second daughter, she noticed herself slowly gaining unwanted weight. Despite her best efforts to manage her eating habits, she was eventually diagnosed with pre-diabetes. This hit close to home — literally.

As Donna remembers: “I was witnessing some of my closest loved ones suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity that did not just inconvenience them. It was killing them.”

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Kirsten Melby Corrigan

Lost 38lbs*

Kirsten Melby Corrigan joined the Mayo Clinic Diet in mid-February of 2022. She struggled to lose weight and had been on other popular diet plans without much success. Kirsten had many hard-hitting personal challenges that led to an increase in anxiety and depression. She knew that she had to improve her overall health to cope and persevere with her life.

Kirsten was no stranger to the Mayo Clinic. She was one of the first patients at Mayo Clinic to have her colon removed and a j-pouch constructed due to ulcerative colitis at 22. Despite the successful surgery, she was not able to improve her eating habits…

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