[Free webinar] Learn How to Eat Smarter With Nutrient Density

For this month’s webinar, we are partnering with Good Measure, a new company on a mission to help people who care about blood sugar, to share Mayo Clinic’s renowned renown nutritional expertise with a wider audience.

Mayo Clinic’s Lead Dietitian, Tara Schmidt, will explain how to apply the fundamental principles of nutrient density to your diet.

All Mayo Clinic Diet webinars feature exclusive Q&A sessions with Mayo Clinic health professionals. Do not miss out on this rare opportunity to have direct access to a Mayo Clinic expert and have your questions answered in real time.

Where: Zoom
Date: February 23rd, 2023
Time: 12:30pm EST

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Webinar with Tara Schmidt RDN, LD on February 23rd at 12:30pm EST

Tara Schmidt is the lead dietitian at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

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About Our Sponsor: Good Measure

Good Measure is a new company on a mission to help people who care about blood sugar. They’re sponsoring this webinar about the Mayo Clinic Diet because, like you, they care a whole lot about the relationship between blood sugar, food, and wellness. Good Measure was born after meeting a little girl named Mia. Any time Mia wanted to eat, her parents had to research and measure how it would affect her blood glucose – or blood sugar. We know that finding food while navigating blood sugar is tough for kids and adults alike, so the team spent 2 years working with nutrition experts to make life just a little bit easier.

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About Our Sponsor: Good Measure

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