Pricing plans for Mayo Clinic Diet: Clinical subscription

Our Clinical subscription combines the Mayo Clinic Diet for Weight-Loss Medication with end-to-end clinical care*. The standard fee is $129.99 per month plus a $99.99 one-time start fee. Get your first month free, and save by paying upfront. You may be able to use your HSA/FSA funds to cover program fees.

Click to see our Digital subscription or Companion subscription if you are already using weight-loss medication.

New! We're invested in your success. Follow Mayo Clinic Diet for 12 weeks and receive a Success Reward of up to $75 on select subscriptions†

Membership includes:

  • 1:1 video visits with a board-certified physician from Amwell*
  • Weight-loss medication prescription and refills, if clinically appropriate
  • Help submitting insurance forms for prescriptions
  • Clinical monitoring to ensure you stay on track
  • Live group coaching sessions with Mayo Clinic experts
  • A 24-week support program tailored for weight-loss medication
  • Choice of 6 meal plans include one specially designed for weight-loss medication
  • Exclusive ebook The Mayo Clinic Diet: Weight-Loss Medications Edition
  • Weight-loss medication not included

*Clinical care provided by the Amwell Medical Group® via the Healthy Weight Platform, exclusive to Mayo Clinic Diet.

†Conditions apply. See the Success Reward criteria.