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Mayo Clinic Diet

Mayo Clinic Diet is a digital weight loss program inspired by 200 years of Mayo Clinic healthcare expertise. The program meets you wherever you are on your journey to a healthy weight.

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Lose 6-10 lbs in your first 2 weeks with our healthy habits

Mayo Clinic Diet teaches you the habits of healthy weight loss.

The program encourages 15 medically-backed habits that target nutrition, behavior, self-monitoring and exercise.

Embracing the habits can help you lose 6-10 lbs in your first 2 weeks, and set you up for long-term success.

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Lose 6-10 lbs in your first 2 weeks with our healthy habits

Real foods philosophy

Real foods philosophy

Mayo Clinic Diet uses a proprietary food groups system to help you create nutritionally balanced meals using real foods.

You have the choice of 7 different meal plans, including Simple, Healthy Keto, Mediterranean and Protein Balance for GLP-1s. 

Each meal is planned for you, but you can also make your own creations using the food groups system.

Sample meal plans
Real foods philosophy

Recommended by doctors

Recommended by doctors

Doctors recommend the Mayo Clinic Diet to improve health conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes

If you are taking medication such as GLP-1s for weight loss or diabetes control, Mayo Clinic Diet now has a weight-loss medication support program to help manage short- and long-term side effects, such as nausea and muscle loss.

Health conditions we support
Recommended by doctors

Led by Mayo Clinic experts

Led by Mayo Clinic experts

Membership to the program includes unlimited group coaching with Mayo Clinic experts such as Tara Schmidt, Lead Dietitian for the Mayo Clinic Diet. 

There are several coaching sessions a week which explain how to use the program, nutrition, exercise and side effects from weight-loss medication.

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Led by Mayo Clinic experts

Easy-to-use digital tools

The digital platform is packed with value and provides extensive support to help put the program into action. Members love these features:

Food tracker with barcode scanner

Comprehensive program guide

Meal plans and grocery lists

At-home exercise plans

Device integration

Mayo Clinic Diet ebooks

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2024 Acosta, et al (Report)

The benefits go beyond weight loss

Elaine lost 100 lbs with the Mayo Clinic Diet and got her pre-diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol under control.

We're invested in your success

Our core digital program is $49.99 per month but you can save up to 67% by paying upfront. Members who pay upfront on select plans are also eligible for a Success Reward of up to $75.