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for weight loss

If you have excess weight and cardiovascular disease or diabetes, losing weight is one of the best things you can do for your health.

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Suitable for these conditions

Mayo Clinic Diet members have shared countless testimonials about how the program helped them achieve life-changing weight loss and improve, or even reverse, the following conditions.

Cardiovascular disease

Reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, and improve overall heart health with the Mayo Clinic Diet. Look for our Mediterranean and DASH-aligned meal plans. 

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Diabetes and pre-diabetes

Control blood sugar and get your A1C under control. You'll have access to The Mayo Clinic Diet for Diabetes ebook and special features to help track carbohydrates.

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Joint pain

Reduce knee, hip and back pain through weight loss. The program can also help you prepare for, or delay, knee or hip surgery.

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Sleep apnea

Improve sleep apnea, reduce snoring and get your energy back with help from the Mayo Clinic Diet.

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Surgery preparation

Mayo Clinic Diet can help reduce weight for surgery, especially for elective surgery months in advance. 

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The Mayo Clinic Diet is a safe and effective eating plan for couples losing weight to boost fertility.

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80% more weight loss

Research shows that members of the Mayo Clinic Diet digital program lose 80% more weight than participants of an in-person program. The comprehensive support of the digital program helps deliver these clinically-significant results.

2024, Acosta, et al (Report)

Nick lowered his blood pressure with Mayo Clinic Diet