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Real-time support

Real-time support

Mayo Clinic Diet has a weekly schedule of Zoom-based group coaching sessions where experts from the Mayo Clinic Diet team provide guidance on the program. All sessions include a short presentation and live Q&A.

These are just some of the topics covered in the sessions:  

  • Welcome to the Mayo Clinic Diet, a program introduction
  • Mastering the app and website, a guide to using the Mayo Clinic Diet tools
  • Cooking demonstrations with health-focused chefs
  • How to dine out and stick to the program
  • Exercise: why you can't outrun a bad diet
  • Managing side effects of weight-loss medication
  • Open Office Hours, a session devoted to live Q&A
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Real-time support

Meet Tara Schmidt, Lead Dietitian

Tara Schmidt, M. Ed, RDN, LD is a lead registered dietitian for Mayo Clinic and the Mayo Clinic Diet. Tara specializes in outpatient counseling for weight management, bariatric surgery, and cardiovascular nutrition. She oversees the development of the Mayo Clinic Diet meal plans and leads many of our group coaching sessions.

2024 Mastering Weight Loss Series

In addition to our regular weekly group coaching sessions, we also offer special-event webinars every month with guest speakers from Mayo Clinic, giving you direct access to world-leading physicians, surgeons and researchers. Look forward to these sessions in 2024:

In case you missed it...

We encourage all members to attend our group coaching sessions so you can ask questions in real-time, but we also post the video recordings in case you can't make it. Enjoy catching up on these sessions: