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Lose weight without feeling hungry.

Following a high-protein diet can lead to weight loss along with promoting feelings of fullness, boosting metabolism, and building and maintaining muscles.

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Harness the hunger-busting power of protein

Backed by scientific research, this tasty meal plan includes protein-rich ingredients at each meal. Distributing protein evenly across each meal can help to control appetite and curb cravings. The Higher Protein meal plan includes 6 weeks of delicious protein-packed meals.

  • A wide variety of protein-rich meals
  • Packed with healthy plant foods
  • Quick and easy recipes
  • Plenty of meal prep tips
  • Weekly grocery lists

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Satisfying and delicious recipes

The delicious recipes are packed with real, whole foods that support weight loss while keeping hunger at bay. 

Higher protein doesn’t equal more meat.

The Higher Protein meal plan includes a variety of healthy protein-rich foods such as fish, skinless poultry, lean meat, legumes, eggs, and low-fat dairy products. The portions provide just the right amount of protein required to fill you up without overloading your plate with meat.

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Higher protein doesn’t equal more meat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the meal plan budget-friendly?

Yes, all of our meal plans are meant to be sustained in any lifestyle at any budget. 

Do I have to count calories?

No, the Mayo Clinic Diet is about making sure you’re getting enough of the foods that are right for you. We are not focused on calorie counting. 

Does the Higher Protein meal plan include a grocery list?

Yes, all of the Mayo Clinic Diet meal plans come with a weekly grocery list that you can customize to cater for your family and needs. 

I have food intolerances or allergies, is the Higher Protein meal plan suitable?

If you don’t like or can’t eat a particular meal, you have the ability to swap meals to suit your personal needs. The Mayo Clinic Diet also offers three gluten-free meal plans.

Are there other meal plan options available besides the Higher Protein meal plan?

Along with the Higher Protein meal plan, the Mayo Clinic Diet offers six different meal plan options to choose from including the Original Mayo Clinic Diet, Simple, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, and Healthy Keto. We also have three gluten-free meal plan options available. So you can find the eating style that suits your lifestyle and preferences.