Getting healthy changed Donna Boerger’s life — and her career

From the time Donna Boerger was a teenager to her mid-twenties, she was healthy and active. After the birth of her second daughter, she noticed herself slowly gaining unwanted weight. Despite her best efforts to manage her eating habits, she was eventually diagnosed with pre-diabetes. This hit close to home — literally.

As Donna remembers: “I was witnessing some of my closest loved ones suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity that did not just inconvenience them. It was killing them.”

Donna decided to take positive action. She tried everything from counting calories, measuring proteins, calculating fats, fasting, and replacing meals with shakes — you name it. Ultimately, after much research, she landed on the Mayo Clinic Diet. She was drawn in by how educational the program was — from nutrition, to when to eat, to insights on how to live a healthy and active lifestyle. She found that its no-nonsense, medically-proven approach really worked for her.

Now, a little more than one year later, she’s over 100 pounds lighter and living the healthiest version of her life.By changing her habits, she has set better examples for her family. Her health has also drastically improved! She lowered her blood pressure from 133/92 to 107/71.

"I have gone from being pre-diabetic to not having to fear if I will see our youngest daughter graduate in 9 years. I have more energy to play with my children, my skin is healthier, and I have lowered my health risks (i.e. heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure). My confidence has sky-rocketed!” says Donna.

Remarkably, as part of her personal journey to better health, Donna pursued her professional aspirations and became a Certified Nutrition Coach. As she helps other people make healthy changes in their own lives, she loves nothing more than to watch them experience the same kind of joy she did as they see and feel the results.

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Which plan is right for you?

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