How weight loss transformed into rewards for Mary

Mary Duranti, age 64, wears many hats: She is a wife, mother, grandmother, farmer, two-time breast cancer survivor — and now — a picture of health. She credits her health to her membership with the Mayo Clinic Diet. Having joined in April 2022, Mary’s health has improved tremendously. And her weight loss resulted in even extra benefits, for which she is grateful.

Having retired from a career in human resources, disability awareness, and community outreach several years ago, Mary looked forward to devoting her time and energy to her grandchildren and the animals on her farm. She discovered, however, that she was gaining weight, severely lacking in energy, and not able to enjoy her retirement.

Having survived breast cancer — twice! Mary also suffered from a variety of conditions that included sleep apnea, arthritis, prediabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. Compounding these issues was a serious weight problem, which she proactively sought to address.

Mary knew she had to find a sustainable and healthy weight management regimen to improve her quality of life. After doing some online research, she felt that the Mayo Clinic Diet was the right choice for her.

In the brief time span between April and now, Mary has lost over 40 pounds and is down 14 percent of her body weight. This in turn resulted in a:

  • 41-point decline in cholesterol
  • 66-point reduction in triglycerides
  • 10-point drop in LDL (low-density lipoprotein)

As a testament to her successful turnaround, Mary’s doctor instructed her to stop taking the medications she was on for blood pressure and cholesterol. This development proved to be a huge win for her: "I have more energy for my grandkids, my sleep is much better, and the doctor is very pleased with my results!"

With these positive lifestyle changes, Mary has newfound energy to spend with her grandchildren and the animals on her farm, particularly her favorite horse. As she said: “I was able to get on my horse again! I wasn’t riding before because I was too heavy to ride him.”

Another passion that Mary has developed from being a Mayo Clinic Diet member is meal prep and cooking. "There are recipes I would never try on my own, and I have been so happy cooking them for my husband and me," (As a side note, her husband has also experienced lower cholesterol — of 70 points.)

Great going, Mary!

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