The Mayo Clinic Diet
for Weight-Loss Medications

The FDA gave the green-light to GLP-1s as part of a weight-management program. Our powerful pairing delivers life-changing weight loss and better health.

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Top-tier guidance and a diet plan to manage side effects

Our experts combined weight-loss medication with the Mayo Clinic Diet to ensure healthy weight loss, help you manage side effects, and equip you with the skills needed to maintain your weight for a lifetime.

Already taking weight-loss medication?

Mayo Clinic Diet for Weight-Loss Medications is like your virtual care team, providing the meal plans, education and support required for healthy weight loss with medication such as GLP-1s. 

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Need access to weight-loss medication?

If you're eligible for medication, Mayo Clinic Diet now offers end-to-end clinical care including video visits with Amwell physicians, prescriptions, refills and chats to help you stay on track.* 

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From the experts at Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic's Dr. Andres Acosta explains how the Mayo Clinic Diet can support you when adding weight-loss medication such as GLP-1s to your journey.

Members love the Mayo Clinic Diet

You'll get comprehensive support from the Mayo Clinic Diet platform, including these much-loved features:

  • A best-selling diet from Mayo Clinic
  • 7 popular meal plans including the new Protein Balance menu to help prevent muscle loss
  • A 24-week support program tailored for weight-loss medication such as GLP-1s
  • Group coaching with Mayo Clinic experts to help manage your weight-loss medication journey
  • Expert education to help manage side effects such as nausea and muscle loss
  • The Mayo Clinic Diet: Weight-Loss Medications Edition ebook
  • Easy tracking tools for weight, food, exercise and habits
  • Access via our website or mobile apps
  • Access to a supportive, caring community
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New Weight-Loss Medications Edition

New Weight-Loss Medications Edition

The program is supported by a new edition of The Mayo Clinic Diet, specifically for weight-loss medications. 

Written by Mayo Clinic experts, Dr. Hensrud, Dr. Acosta and Tara Schmidt,  an ebook version is included free with membership.

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New Weight-Loss Medications Edition

Did you know?

The Food & Drug Administration approved GLP-1s for weight loss as part of a weight management program. They were not designed to be used alone.