Dustin’s journey of taking GLP-1s brings renewed health, family time, and well-being

Since integrating the Mayo Clinic Diet into his daily routine — while taking the GLP-1 weight-loss medication, Wegovy — Dustin not only feels great but loves his renewed lifestyle with his husband and family.

A new family

“Four years ago, my husband and I purchased a house in Boston, where we were excited to start a family and make our new house a home,” Dustin said. “We worked through the foster care system and welcomed three boys into our lives — ages five and six years old. We immediately fell in love with them.”

A wake-up call for a balance of work, life—and weight

As a corporate executive, Dustin explained that although he works remotely, his job can be demanding. “Family time with my husband and the boys is a priority for me, but I noticed my energy levels weren’t where they needed to be to keep up with the kids,” he explained. He realized that he’d gained weight, but it wasn’t until January 2023 when — returning from a trip to Peru — that he knew it was time to get serious about his health and lose the weight. “At 230 pounds, I was at my heaviest weight,” he said. “When I saw pictures of myself from the trip, I was shocked. I was unrecognizable to myself. Not only was my energy level low, but I began to lack self-confidence, and that was unacceptable to me.” That was the moment when he realized he was ready to take control of his health.

A doctor’s visit and Wegovy

Dustin visited his doctor who went over his family history and ordered blood work. “Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity run in my family,” he explained.

“What worried me — and my doctor — were the results from my blood work. My doctor said he was concerned with the results and that I was on a ‘path to poor health.’ It was then that we discussed my options to try weight-loss medications.” The following month, Dustin started taking Wegovy. “I had significant success with little side effects,” Dustin stated. “I lost 45 pounds in six months! The best part was seeing significant improvement in blood work.”

Dreams of a family and the need to change

In May 2023, Dustin and his husband legally adopted the boys. “It was such a special time in our lives. We were now officially their parents.” Losing weight had turned Dustin’s life around, but he knew he needed to make significant changes to keep the weight off for good. “My doctor explained that taking GLP-1s is a lifelong process. He stressed the importance of changing my habits or the weight would come right back once I stopped taking Wegovy. That was not an option for me.”

Joining the Mayo Clinic Diet for Weight-Loss Medications

Earlier this year, Dustin started the Mayo Clinic Diet for Weight-Loss Medications program, which is a modified plan for those taking GLP-1 medications. He’s not only incorporating physical activity into his daily routine but is also following the Simple meal plan. “It was important for me to integrate the Mayo Clinic Diet into my daily routine while continuing to take Wegovy — not just for me but for my family,” he explained. “The meals are delicious and easy to prepare, and the best part is the kids and my husband love them too!” he said. “Eating healthy well-balanced meals is just part of it. Now, I’ve started strength training to build back muscle. And the best part is I’ve lost another five pounds.”

Amazing results

Now at 180 pounds, Dustin is feeling better than ever and is looking forward to weaning off Wegovy in the next six months. “Being on the Mayo Clinic Diet has turned my life around,” he declared. “I not only have more energy, but my ability to focus has improved. I’m finally able to prioritize a routine of things to do for myself. I designate 60 minutes each day to do something for me. That’s a huge change for me and one that has made all the difference.”

Dustin shared some off-scale victories that he and his doctor are thrilled to report. “I was pre-diabetic prior to joining the Mayo Clinic Diet. Now, my blood glucose levels are in normal range. Just as exciting are my cholesterol and triglycerides levels, which have significantly improved; not to mention my BMI, which is down to 26 from 33! The results have been amazing!”

Favorite benefits

When asked to list which Mayo Clinic Diet benefits he values most, Dustin was excited to share is favorites, which include:

  • The Tracking Feature, which helps him stay within nutritional guidelines and allows some flexibility.
  • The Habit Optimizer, which holds him accountable to daily commitments and encourages consistency over perfection.

Boston Half Marathon, make way for Dustin!

Looking to the future, Dustin is focused not only on prioritizing healthy family time but achieving a personal goal for himself. “My husband and I have made a commitment to schedule more fun outdoor family activities with the boys,” he said. “On a personal note, I’m excited to begin training for the Boston Half Marathon. Years ago, I was an avid runner. Getting back on track is a personal goal I’m excited to achieve.”

The keys to success

Reflecting on his weight-loss journey, Dustin shared his thoughts on how far he’s come: “When it came to losing weight, I thought I was doing everything right. As a successful executive, it was discouraging that I could not succeed at reaching my weight-loss goals — no matter how hard I tried. I was unhappy about it, but then I realized that this is not my story. The Mayo Clinic Diet has not only given me the keys to seeing success in my weight loss but has helped improve my quality time with the boys. It’s all about stopping the negativity and adjusting your focus. It’s then that you can see the possibilities.”

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Which plan is right for you?

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