How Carol Cate got back to feeling healthy

Carol Cate had always been in good physical shape. As a former fitness instructor, she knew the value of exercise and healthy living. But after a successful surgery to treat uterine cancer, Carol experienced a sudden weight gain. She talked to her doctor, who provided sensible, but not very specific advice — lose weight.

It was time to do some research of her own. She knew from past experience that some popular weight loss programs focused on short-term results without providing a manageable, medically sound plan for keeping weight off for good. She also understood that what might have worked for her 10 years earlier wouldn’t necessarily work for her now. So she joined the Mayo Clinic Diet in the summer of 2020.

Carol appreciated that the unparalleled medical expertise of Mayo Clinic was the foundation of the entire program and often felt like she was receiving “direct advice from a hospital.” She started a food journal and kept careful track of everything she ate and got back into a regular fitness routine of walking and strength training.

At first, the weight came off slowly, but she was feeling more and more energetic and stayed with the program. Before too long, Carol had lost 20 pounds and felt ready to take her exercise activity to a new level. She continued to feel better and better. Now, just a little over a year after joining the Mayo Clinic Diet, she’s down a remarkable 47 pounds.

“I love the Mayo Clinic Diet because there are no gimmicks,” she says. “Just sensible eating, exercise, and the best health information in the world. I love feeling healthy again.”

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Which plan is right for you?

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