Harvey’s journey to regaining emotional health and well-being

Having started the Mayo Clinic Diet earlier this year, Harvey Brown is feeling great as he has gained an improved sense of emotional health and well-being.

“At 74 years old, I knew I needed a lifestyle change,” Harvey said. “My career as a U.S. Army paratrooper left me with aches and pains, resulting from several injuries I sustained over the years.” Earlier this year, Harvey explained how he caught a profile glimpse of himself that left him feeling down. “After seeing that unflattering reflection of myself, I was motivated to make a change. I knew it was time to lose the weight and start feeling good about myself again.” And then, last April, Harvey suffered a setback when he fell and injured his elbow, which required surgery. “That was the deciding factor for me,” he said. “I was ready to get healthy and back and into life. The question was: How to do it?”

“I’ve never been on a diet before,” Harvey stated. “But one thing I do know is the Mayo Clinic. As a long-time supporter, it has been my go-to source for healthy information.” Harvey explained that he wasted no time and went to the Mayo Clinic website, where he discovered information about the New Mayo Clinic Diet. “I needed a coach I could trust,” he said. “I had no doubt they would be the ones to get me healthy.”

As of last month, Harvey was thrilled to be able to fit into jeans that he hadn’t worn in years. “Motivation is very important to me,” he said. “The Mayo Clinic Diet offers good, sensible advice. You can’t just exercise yourself to good health.

When asked what benefits of the Mayo Clinic Diet he likes most, Harvey was happy to share his favorites:

  • Tracking allows him to stay within nutritional guidelines and allows certain flexibility
  • He enjoys seeing his progress
  • Having learned how to eat healthy has improved his well-being

“I’m feeling great about me again,” said Harvey. “Understanding healthy eating has improved my emotional health, sense of self and overall well-being. I owe it all to the Mayo Clinic Diet.”

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Which plan is right for you?

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