Peter’s wedding present to his son — and himself

In February 2022, Peter Feketie, age 62, made an emergency visit to an urgent care facility because of an extremely elevated blood pressure of 185/116, which indicated a hypertension crisis. During that visit, his doctor strongly encouraged him to consider going on the Mayo Clinic Diet. After doing some research on his own, Peter took the diet assessment and knew right away that this was the diet for him.

Since joining the New Mayo Clinic Diet, Peter lost 40 pounds and his blood pressure was within the normal range at 110/70! His outlook toward food has been completely altered, with an especially newfound appreciation for fruits and vegetables!

A lifelong enthusiast of exercise and the outdoors, Peter is back to playing tennis with the same energy and enthusiasm he had in his thirties! He has fully embraced and enjoyed the many exercises provided by the Mayo Clinic Diet, and attributes them to the vast improvement of his overall conditioning. He has been humbled to hear the many positive comments regarding his transformation – and in such a short period of time – from his family and friends.

Before and after photos of Peter, who lost 25 pounds with the Mayo Clinic Diet

With his son’s wedding coming up this fall, Peter is very motivated to be in the best health of his life. “I turned 63 in July, and honestly, I never imagined 63 would feel so good!" he said. 

How’s your mindset?

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Which plan is right for you?

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