7 healthy Super Bowl recipes you’re going to want to try

With Super Bowl right around the corner, it’s time to start planning which foods will feature in your game-day spread. This year skip the salty chips, greasy chicken wings, and calorie-laden pizza so you can enjoy the game without the guilt.

We love these seven delicious and healthy Mayo Clinic Diet recipes, which all take a healthier spin on popular favorites. They're lighter in calories, but loaded with flavor and deliver plenty of mouth-watering, crunchy goodness.

Crispy chicken tenders

 Get the full recipe: Crispy chicken tenders

Coconut shrimp

Get the full recipe: Coconut shrimp

Parmesan zucchini fingers

Get the full recipe: Parmesan zucchini fingers

Turkey burgers

Get the full recipe: Turkey burgers

Cheesy antipasto veggie sandwich

Get the full recipe: Cheesy antipasto veggie sandwich

Southwest taco bowl

Get the full recipe: Southwest taco bowl

Pita pizza with olives & roasted veggies

Pita pizza with olives & roasted veggies

Get the full recipe: Pita pizza with olives & roasted veggies

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