Becky adapted to a healthy lifestyle — just in time for her wedding

Becky Hubbard, like many newlyweds, had to miss out on her wedding and honeymoon in early 2020 due to the pandemic. Everything was planned. She had her dress — but didn’t love how she felt in it. While she began rescheduling her reception, she decided it was time to make a change to her lifestyle so that she could look and feel her healthiest for one of the best days of her life.

Becky joined the New Mayo Clinic Diet because she knew she needed to learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be a part of a program that would allow for permanent change. “I was looking for something that was going to teach me how to adopt a healthy lifestyle for the long term,” she said. She was tired of not feeling her best, especially as her wedding day was not that far away.

After being on the program for five months, Becky is already down 40 pounds and feeling great. She loves all the energy she has and has also taken up hiking. She has even noticed an improvement to her complexion! Becky was thrilled to go wedding dress shopping again since her previous dress was too big for her.

She finds the meal plans satisfying, exclaiming: “I can easily make substitutions for my food allergies!” Her new husband supports her journey and also enjoys the New Mayo Clinic Diet recipes.

Before and after image of Becky Hubbard. In the before image, she is wearing her wedding dress. In the after image she is wearing a floral top.

Becky now has many reasons to look forward to her upcoming wedding day.

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