Amanda’s weight-loss journey with her husband brings renewed health and well-being

Having started the Mayo Clinic Diet this past January, Amanda Siddons is excited about her weight loss and is loving her new-found energy.

“I began gaining weight during the pandemic,” Amanda said. “It was a difficult time. I found myself eating more and exercising less.” As a wife and mother of three, Amanda said she felt fatigued most of the time and lacked the motivation to keep up with healthy eating habits. “As a retired veteran, I know what it takes to be disciplined,” she stated. “I knew it was time to get healthy and lose weight. Even my husband was ready to drop some pounds.”

Amanda and her husband partnered in their weight-loss journey and signed up for the Mayo Clinic Diet. “I trust the Mayo Clinic as a medical authority,” said Amanda. “My stepfather was treated at the Mayo Clinic and received stellar care. I didn’t think twice about which weight loss plan would be best for us.” Since joining the program, Amanda has lost 29 pounds, and her husband is down 15 pounds. “We love the Original Mayo Clinic Diet meal plan. We can’t believe how easy it is to look and feel this good again,” she said. Amanda has achieved some off-scale victories which have made significant improvements in her health and general well-being. “My triglycerides dropped 30 points,” she exclaimed. “Even my doctor is thrilled and impressed with my results. I now have more energy to do the things I love — and I’m no longer hungry!”

When asked to list the Mayo Clinic Diet benefits she likes most, Amanda was excited to share her favorites:

  • Loves the app, especially the meal-swapping feature.
  • Finds the Private Facebook Group helpful and supportive, and she loves sharing her success story with others.
  • She’s never hungry. The meals are satisfying and keep her full.

“My husband and I are living a healthier life now, thanks to the Mayo Clinic Diet,” said Amanda. “We are in the ‘live it phase,’ which is keeping us on track to maintain our healthy habits. Life is good and will only be getter better from here.”

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Which plan is right for you?

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