Donna’s weight-loss journey to a healthier and happier life

Having lost 25 pounds in only four months, Donna Cooper is thrilled with her improved health and is motivated to reach her goal weight.

“It’s been challenging over the past few years, as I battled COVID-19 twice and contracted RSV this year,” she said. “During each of my illnesses, my doctor prescribed steroids, which caused me to gain weight. As an asthmatic, it made it even more difficult to recover.” Donna explained how she was successful in losing weight after the birth of her daughter in the 1990s, but this time was different. “I gained over 33 pounds during the 18 months I was taking steroids,” she said. “I was hungry all the time. I reached a point where I couldn’t fit into my clothes. It was very depressing.” Then, one day, Donna said she saw a picture of herself. “I cried when I saw the picture,” she said. “I was doing everything in my power to lose weight. As a personal trainer and having a nutritional background, I knew what to do. I was exercising, journaling, and eating healthy. The weight just wouldn’t come off.” Desperate for help, she met with a bariatric doctor who prescribed Wegovy®—a GLP-1 agonist receptor weight-loss medication. Donna knew she needed to take her weight-loss journey a step further. “I needed to find a weight-loss plan that would work in tandem with the medication,” she explained.

Donna began researching different plans and discovered the Mayo Clinic Diet. “I chose this program because it was the best medically-sound plan to coincide with taking Wegovy,” she explained. “When my doctor told me I was prediabetic, I knew I needed to do something — and quick.” Since joining the Mayo Clinic Diet in May, Donna said the plan has been a perfect fit for her lifestyle and occupation. “I lost five pounds in the first week!” she said excitedly. “I love the Simple meal plan. The recipes are not only delicious but are incredibly easy to make. After work, I can have dinner ready in 30 minutes. It’s a real game changer.”

As an ex-U.S. Navy petty officer, Donna said her current job — working for a government contractor — requires her to sit most of the day, but that doesn’t keep her down. “Every day, I make time for a 30-minute walk,” she said proudly. “Exercise is an important part of the journey.” She stated that being on a weight-loss drug while sticking with the Mayo Clinic Diet has enlightened her about losing weight safely and effectively. “You have to change your eating habits,” she said. “Being on weight-loss medication alone is not enough. I’ve learned to be more conscious about serving sizes and focusing on my wellbeing.” Donna further stated that the Mayo Clinic Diet has proven to be the best weight-loss partner she could ask for: “Before losing weight, I felt embarrassed to go out. Now, I’m dressing up and feeling great. My clothes are fitting again. I’m not a shut-in anymore.” She shared that losing weight has not only improved her physical health, but her mental health as well: “The extra weight was weighing on my mind, as well as my body,” she said. “I was depressed and not feeling good about myself. Now, I have even more motivation to continue the plan and reach my goal weight.” Additionally, Donna achieved major off-scale victories that have made significant improvements in her health and wellbeing. “After being on the plan for only 19 weeks, I am no longer prediabetic,” she said happily. “My A1C dropped to normal range, and my doctor said all my results are at optimum function levels. These are the best blood test results I have had in 10 years. I’m so happy.”

When asked about which benefits of the Mayo Clinic Diet she liked most, Donna was excited to share her favorites:

  • Meal swapping, which allows for flexibility.
  • Tracking tool, which is inspirational and motivating.
  • Weekly weigh-ins, which show both weight and inches lost.

Feeling and looking great, Donna said that learning new habits and having an amazing support system have been instrumental in her weight-loss journey. “My mindset has changed,” she said proudly. “Now, I can look in the mirror and smile knowing I’m doing something to improve my overall well-being. I love sharing the benefits of the plan with my family and friends. It’s a great feeling to help someone feel good about themselves again.”

Ready to take control of your health today? Join the Mayo Clinic Diet for as little as $4 a week.

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Which plan is right for you?

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