Karen’s weight loss journey to living her best life with family

Having started the New Mayo Clinic Diet this past June, Karen Kuba is excited about her weight loss as she is once again enjoying vacations with her family—and feeling fit and healthier than ever before.

“Seven years ago, I was faced with the reality that one of the things I love most in life was in jeopardy: Traveling with my family,” Karen said. “My daughter and I planned a vacation to New Zealand and I was worried I would have to cancel.” Karen found it difficult to do the most basic activities, such as getting up from a chair. How would she manage getting around on the trip? “Struggling to do simple daily activities was very concerning. I suffer with knee pain every day,” she said. “Taking that vacation with my daughter was very important to me. It was just the wake-up I needed to get healthy and lose the weight.” Over the years, Karen said being overweight contributed to more than just her knee pain. “My doctor prescribed medication to control my blood pressure,” she said. “And dealing with acid reflux and lack of sleep made life difficult.”

At first, Karen said she considered trying a popular diet plan, but wasn’t comfortable about eating processed foods. “I tried using a Fitbit instead of starting a diet plan,” she explained. “I lost over 20 pounds—but without changing my eating habits, I knew I would end up back where I started.” Then, earlier this year, Karen received an email about the New Mayo Clinic Diet. “The timing couldn’t have been better,” she happily said. “Not only did I need to lose weight, but I needed a lifestyle change.” Backed by its excellent reputation and her doctor’s approval, Karen joined The New Mayo Clinic this past summer.

As of last month, Karen has lost 60 pounds. She’s looks great and feels much better as well. Since starting the New Mayo Clinic Diet, she has achieved some major off-scale health victories which have made her—and her doctor—very happy. “I’m feeling great, my acid reflux is gone, and I’m sleeping better,” she proudly stated. “But the most amazing victory is I no longer need blood pressure medication. My numbers are back in normal range for the first time in years.” And because of Karen’s progress, her doctor is also recommending the program to other patients.

When asked what benefits of the New Mayo Clinic Diet she liked most, Karen narrowed it down to these favorites:

  • The app helps her stay on track by reminding her what she needs to eat (and when).
  • All the meal plans are delicious and nutritious. Each plan has been successful with helping her lose weight.
  • She’s never hungry. The meals are satisfying and keep her full.

“I never imagined I could lose the weight eating such delicious food,” said Karen. “I love my new lifestyle. I feel great and even avoided knee surgery. Now I look forward to vacationing with my family and spending quality time together.”

How’s your mindset?

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