Katie’s weight-loss journey to a renewed — and healthier — lifestyle

Having started the Mayo Clinic Diet last November, Katie Hess is excited about her weight loss, as her renewed lifestyle has motivated her to focus on her happiness and wellbeing.

“For a time, I felt that I lost touch with myself and my health,” Katie said. “It wasn’t until I separated from my spouse and moved into my own space that I finally felt in control of my life. It was time to start caring for myself.” Katie shared how she felt unhappy about her body and the need to make a lifestyle change. She had tried other popular weight loss programs but was disappointed with the results. “I would see a small, temporary weight loss, but didn’t get the skills to retain that weight,” she said. “They also left me feeling hungry and unmotivated.”

As a scientist employed in the healthcare system, Katie said the answer to her weight loss journey was right before her eyes. “I’m very familiar with the Mayo Clinic through  my profession in the clinical laboratory industry,” she said. “I heard about the Mayo Clinic Diet and immediately began researching the program.” Katie said that the program’s foundation — which is built on evidence-based practices — inspired her to join. “The program immediately clicked for me in more ways than one. Moving into a new space — and only having to cook for my kids and myself — gave me the motivation to establish new habits,” she explained. Since November 2022, Katie has lost close to 40 pounds and she’s loving her new figure.

“I’ve dropped two clothing sizes,” she said proudly. “I’m able to wear clothes that are tighter fitting and feel confident in them.” Katie has also achieved major off-scale victories which have motivated her even more. “I have more stamina now for exercise,” she declared. “My knee pain has diminished, making it easier for me to be on my feet longer during the day. And my cravings for sweets, carbohydrates and alcohol are gone!”

When asked what benefits of the Mayo Clinic Diet she liked most, Katie was excited to share her favorites:

  • The Higher Protein meal plan is the perfect plan for her weight-loss journey.
  • Tracking was instrumental for developing a healthy mindset and making small, gradual changes that eventually led to her new and improved lifestyle.
  • The “Freestyle” option adds to the meal plan flexibility. (Members, check out the new “Freestyle” guide.)
  • Looking forward to attending Group Coaching sessions.

As a mom of two young kids ages four and six, Katie said she’s loving her newfound energy. “I feel like me again. I only have ten more pounds to go before reaching my goal weight. The Mayo Clinic Diet has helped change my entire lifestyle.”

How’s your mindset?

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Which plan is right for you?

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