Lara’s journey to feeling — and looking — fabulous on her wedding day

Having started the Mayo Clinic Diet this past July, Lara Bryant has remained motivated about her weight loss, as she is excited about looking fabulous at her wedding in March and living a healthy lifestyle for this new chapter in her life.

“At this happy time in my life — where I wouldn’t change a thing — there was one thing that still bothered me,” Lara said. “I wanted to lose weight before my wedding day.” Having lost weight and gained it back after meeting her fiancé, Lara found herself feeling sluggish and unable to enjoy her other passion in life: hiking. “I’ve been an avid hiker my entire life,” she said. “Since gaining the weight back, I just don’t have the energy to make the climb like I used to.” Lara knew it was time to make a lifestyle change and find a new mindset. “With my wedding day months away and a high elevation hike on my bucket list for next year, I couldn’t wait another day to make my new dreams come true.”

Earlier this year, Lara reached out to her parents, both of whom had found success losing weight on the Mayo Clinic Diet a few years ago. “My parents were the best success stories to motivate me to begin the program,” Lara said. “They both lost between 40 to 50 pounds each! That was motivation enough for me to try the plan.”

As of last month, Lara has lost over 20 pounds. Since initially enrolling in the three-month plan of the Mayo Clinic Diet last July, Lara is thrilled to report that she’s feeling healthier than ever and has even decided to extend her enrollment to the annual plan. Her fiancé even joined the plan to shed some pounds before their big day!

Before and after images of Lara who lost more than 20 pounds with the Mayo Clinic Diet

Since starting the Mayo Clinic Diet, Lara has also achieved some major off-scale health victories which have given her the motivation to reach her goal. “I’m proud to say my newfound energy has me back on the hiking trail,” she said excitedly. “I even find that my mood has improved. And the best of all is I’m able to fit into clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in years. Seeing the progress in the mirror is a major motivator.”

When asked what benefits of the Mayo Clinic Diet she liked most, Lara was excited to share her — and her fiancé’s — favorites:

  • Making healthier choices is easier with the Mayo Clinic Diet
  • Meal plans are easy to follow and allow some flexibility
  • Recipes are delicious and convenient

“The love of my life inspired me to rediscover my best self,” Lara said emotionally. “We make a great team. By him joining me on the Mayo Clinic Diet seems like our first steps on our journey of a beautiful and healthy life together.”

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