Katrina’s weight-loss journey from a small town brings big results

Having started the Mayo Clinic Diet early 2023, Katrina Ozenbaugh is thrilled with her weight loss now that her health — and mobility — have significantly improved.  

“Living with knee pain has taken a toll on my body — and my health — over the years,” Katrina said. “Even after several knee surgeries, I still struggled with mobility issues and my weight.” She explained how she lost weight on another program but was disappointed when she gained it all back. “I worked hard to lose that weight — just to gain it all back,” Katrina said sadly. “I knew I needed a program that is sustainable, so I can keep the weight off and feel like me again.” Then one day, Katrina received news that proved to be the ultimate gamechanger for her. “The results from my employer health assessment came back — and they were not good,” she said. “This was the wakeup call that I needed to get healthy, lose the weight — and keep it off for good.”

Motivated and determined, Katrina began researching weight-loss programs online and discovered the Mayo Clinic Diet. “Living in a small town of only 80 people has its challenges,” she said. “We don’t have access to many different kinds of businesses. Thankfully, the Internet brings the world — and the Mayo Clinic — to us.” Both Katrina and her husband, Mitchell, joined the program together. As of last month, they have lost, respectively, 30 pounds and 40 pounds. Katrina has also achieved some major off-scale health victories which have made both her and her doctor very happy.

Before and after images of Katrina, who lost 30 pounds with the Mayo Clinic Diet

“My blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol are all down,” she said excitedly. “I’m down three jean sizes and have more energy now to spend time with my kids.” Katrina revealed that the most surprising benefit of the program is that it has helped reduce the inflammation in her joints. “My mobility has improved significantly. I’m up and about and loving life again.”

When asked what benefits of the Mayo Clinic Diet she liked most, Katrina was excited to share her favorites:

  • Flexibility of the meal plans. Recipes are delicious and convenient — with the Mediterranean diet being her favorite!
  • Tracking allows her to stay within nutritional guidelines and allows some flexibility.
  • The Group Coaching webinars for valuable health information and the positive and supportive environment in the Mayo Clinic Diet Facebook group have been informative, inspiring, and enjoyable.

“Mitchell and I are loving our new lifestyle and feeling better than ever before. I never imagined I would be feeling this great and getting around so well after suffering for so long. Now, I have more energy to spend quality time with my kids.”

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