A grandfather’s journey to looking and feeling his best at granddaughter’s wedding

With his granddaughter’s wedding planned for this past autumn, Jim Mulrooney was motivated to lose weight and look great for her — and his family’s — special day.

“The excitement over my granddaughter’s wedding and the role I would play in it prompted me to try on a favorite suit I’ve had for a few years,” said Jim. “I was disappointed to see that the suit didn’t fit me anymore. It was at the moment that I knew I needed to lose weight.” Having been classified as a ‘type 1 diabetic,’ Jim stated that he couldn’t go on just any weight-loss program. “I had to be cautious when searching for a plan that would be safe and suited for my condition,” he said. “The Mayo Clinic’s reputation encouraged me to join. It was the comfort factor I was looking for.”

In March, Jim started the Mayo Clinic Diet and said he was immediately at home with the plan. “The beauty of the Mayo Clinic Diet is I have the flexibility to ask questions and get support from members and experts. Those are very important factors to me.” With a starting weight of 199 pounds, Jim was motivated to reach his goal of 173 pounds.

He knew that adding exercise to his routine was an important part of losing weight and getting healthy. Being hampered by a bad knee, however, concerned him about how he might reach these goals. “I was impressed with the level of expertise of the Mayo Clinic experts,” he explained.

“The expert working with me recommended a special form of exercise that is suitable for someone with bad knees. It made all the difference.” With the wedding quickly approaching in September, Jim was close to reaching his goal weight. 

Jim emphasized that although looking great at the wedding was important to him, his overall health was always the priority. “I see my endocrinologist monthly,” he explained. “My doctor was not only incredibly pleased with my weight loss results, but my blood work as well.”  Jim achieved some off-scale victories which have made significant improvements in his health and wellbeing. “My A1C went from 6.7 to 5.9 and I’m now taking less insulin than I did before losing weight,” he said proudly. “The plan has taught me lifestyle changes that are sustainable for maintaining a healthy weight. Plus, the meals are delicious!”

When asked to list which Mayo Clinic Diet benefits he values most, Jim was excited to share his favorites:

  • The enjoyable and helpful coaching sessions.
  • The incredibly supportive Private Member Facebook group.
  • The delicious meals, which makes losing weight easier than imagined.

As his granddaughter’s wedding day was upon him, Jim said he felt a sense of pride and accomplishment. “It was important for me to look and feel my best for my granddaughter,” he said. “The Mayo Clinic Diet has brought me full circle. It has not only shown me valuable lifestyle changes but has given me a new outlook on how important it is to feel this good every day.”

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Which plan is right for you?

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