Julie’s journey to kicking her lifelong struggle with weight

Having started the Mayo Clinic Diet January 2023, Julie is proud of her weight loss — and loving her new figure as well!

“I’ve struggled with weight my entire life,” said Julie. “Since I was a kid, it’s been a battle to look and feel good about myself.” She explained how her determination to lose weight over the years had her trying out one weight loss program after another. Julie admitted that although she lost weight on the other programs, she couldn’t find one that helped her keep the weight off. “Being overweight has been top-of-mind my entire life”, Julie said. “I worked hard to lose weight on the other programs,” she said, “but before I knew it, the weight crept right back on.”

Julie realized she needed to find a program that allowed her to eat foods which she would not only enjoy but were also sustainable. Then, one day, she saw a commercial on television for the Mayo Clinic Diet. “Something clicked with me when I saw that commercial,” she explained. “The Mayo Clinic has a great reputation. It was that comfort factor that led me to sign up for the program. Plus, the price was affordable!”

Ever since she joined, Julie has lost 29 pounds and is feeling healthier than ever. “I love the Original meal plan,” she said. “The meals are delicious. It’s a total lifestyle change for me. I even referred my sister to the program.” Julie has achieved some off-scale victories which have made significant improvements in her health and general well-being.

“My resting heart rate has decreased significantly,” she stated. “My mobility has never been better, which is helping me enjoy my yoga class even more. And the best part is: My clothes are fitting better, too!”

When asked to list the Mayo Clinic Diet benefits she values most, Julie was excited to share her favorites:

  • Loves the app — especially the meal-swapping feature.
  • Enjoys watching the webinars and especially enjoys the presentations by Chef Jen.
  • Finds the Private Member Facebook group incredibly supportive, and she loves motivating others and sharing her progress.

“Today, I am healthy and confident. I am eager to lose 15 additional pounds to meet my goal weight. Thank you MCD for a wonderful program!”, Julie shared. “I want my story to inspire others so I can teach them how to lose weight and find the health and wellness they deserve.”

Ready to take control of your health today? Join the Mayo Clinic Diet for as little as $4 a week.

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Which plan is right for you?

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