Elaine’s weight-loss journey to improved health

Having started the Mayo Clinic Diet in June of 2021, Elaine is proud about her 100 pound weight loss and how she turned her life — and health — around. She’s now feeling better than ever and is on a road to living a healthy and active lifestyle.

“I’ve struggled with my weight since I was six years old,” Elaine said. “Over the years, I’ve tried numerous weight loss programs but was never happy with the results.” In 2016, Elaine retired and was faced with some serious medical challenges. “I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and having high blood pressure and high cholesterol,” she said. “My mother was a diabetic and an amputee, and my father had health issues related to unhealthy dieting. I knew I wanted a healthier future for myself.” Then one day, Elaine developed an abscess in her leg. “That was a scary time in my life,” she admitted. “The doctors were able to save my leg, but I knew things would only get worse if I didn’t make a lifestyle change. That was the wakeup call I needed to get healthy and lose the weight.”

Elaine was motivated to lose weight in order to get back to doing things that bring her joy. “I love to dance and go hiking,” she said. “At first, I thought I could ‘exercise the weight away,’ but then I realized the only way to sustainable weight loss is by practicing healthy habits and healthy eating.” Elaine purchased the 2021 edition of the book The Mayo Clinic Diet — as well as a prior edition — and started the program independently.

But it was the release of the online app in 2022 which Elaine claimed was a real game changer. “The online tools, trackers and webinars are very helpful. I’m even able to tailor my own meals to the Mayo Clinic Diet ‘style’.”

Elaine has also achieved major off-scale victories which have made significant improvements in her health and general well-being. “As of last winter, I had no red flags on my bloodwork. I’m no longer required to take blood pressure medication, and my overall cholesterol is down,” she said happily. And as for enjoying her new lifestyle, Elaine said that she’s able to hike longer distances. “During my 4-day trip to the Columbia river, my average hiking distance was 6–8 miles.  When I started the program, I was thrilled with a half mile to a mile at most on a flat surface. FREEDOM is a beautiful thing!”

When asked what Mayo Clinic Diet benefits she liked most, Elaine was excited to share her favorites:

  • Loves the Mayo Clinic Diet app.
  • Finds the online tools, trackers, and webinars helpful.
  • Loves to support others and celebrate her own victories as a member of the Facebook group.

With a cruise scheduled for this month, Elaine said she’s proud of her weight-loss accomplishments. “It feels good to take responsibility for my decisions. I’m enjoying my relationship with healthy foods. Not only is my health improving but my emotional wellbeing is better than ever, too!”

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Which plan is right for you?

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