Debbie's journey to losing weight and finding health

Having started the Mayo Clinic Diet in March 2022, Debbie Goforth is making great strides in her weight-loss journey — as well as turning her health around.

“I’ve struggled with my weight since giving birth to my children,” Debbie said. “I tried several popular diet plans to shed the pounds but found them to be too restrictive or not part of a healthy lifestyle.”

Debbie explained how her health was hanging in the balance as well. “For the past nine years, I’ve been taking medications to manage my cholesterol and blood pressure,” she said. “I knew I needed to lose the weight, but my true wake-up call was getting denied for life insurance coverage.”

Finding herself at a crossroads, Debbie’s doctor advised her to find a healthy lifestyle program to help her lose weight. After searching online, Debbie discovered the Mayo Clinic Diet. “After reviewing the program, I realized the Mayo Clinic Diet isn’t a fad diet — it’s a lifestyle,” she said.

Excited to begin her weight loss journey, Debbie’s doctor approved the Mayo Clinic Diet, and — despite having a torn meniscus — she lost 5½ pounds during her first week on the program!

As of last month, Debbie has lost 46 pounds and dropped six sizes — from a size 20 to size 12. “I have more energy, I sleep better, and even my complexion has improved,” she said happily. Not only is Debbie looking great (having recently worn heels for the first time in five years), but she’s feeling better as well.

Since starting the Mayo Clinic Diet, she has achieved some major off-scale health victories that have made her — and her doctor — very happy. “My blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol are the lowest they have ever been,” Debbie said excitedly. “After taking blood pressure and cholesterol medication for nearly a decade, I’m proud to say I’m off both of them completely.”

When asked what benefits of the Mayo Clinic Diet she liked most, Debbie replied with an entire list! Here are some of her favorites:

  • Tracking allows her to stay within nutritional guidelines and allows some flexibility
  • The meals use similar ingredients throughout the week, making it easy for meal prep
  • The website is easy to navigate and the recipe finder is great if she ever feels like changing her menu up
  • The program allows her to incorporate more vegetables into her diet
  • She doesn’t have sugar cravings anymore
  • She is always satisfied after a meal and never hungry

Debbie has referred friends to the program, and — because of her progress — her doctor is also recommending the program to other patients. “Now, I focus more on my health and body mass index (BMI,) rather than my weight,” Debbie said. “I have 40 more pounds to go to reach my goal, but I already feel so much healthier and happier.”

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Which plan is right for you?

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